Landed: First Thoughts in India


So I am finally in India!! Yay! My Air India flight definitely provided for some entertainment-I ended up seeing a Bollywood movie star, Shakti Kapoor, on my flight. I am in the LA of India, and can now share stories of all celebrities that I might run into:)On the side note, immigration in India was one of the fastest processes I have seen. This was a welcome change from the US where I have missed almost 85% of my flights due to lines at immigration.

Shakti Kapoor

Now to the more important questions: how does it feel to be in India? Did I make a mistake? Can I really live here? Will I blend in? So far, it’s been good. I am sure I can live here, there will be a lot of learning and unlearning in certain aspects. It doesn’t feel weird to be in India or a major shock per say. Doubts about fitting in or being stranger aren’t there either thanks to my friends and family. If anything, I find life at home a bit slow. This is primarily to do with the fact that I don’t have a full time job yet. Everyone around me is busy and running around-a case in any major city.

My first week has consisted of a variety of experiences. From spending hours at the tailor to fit clothes for the wedding to attending a company’s annual party to having instances of no water or electricity at home. I love, love, love the fact that a tailor is so much easier to find in India (you might have to make several trips to them to get the correct fit). Now I no longer have the excuse of not being able to wear or purchase clothes because the fit isn’t perfect.

View of Navi Mumbai from house balcony

The thought of being without water or electricity does sound alarming to most people. It happens and my mom has warned me that in India these things can happen frequently- sitting at home and crying about it won’t solve the issue. Yes, it can be frustrating at times, but if you have an open mind to it and are also mentally prepared, I think you will find yourself more accepting of these nuances. At least right now I think I am managing well.

I am a foodie, I spend endless time thinking about what food to eat or cook. This first week has been no different.  I have had a good mix of street food and delicious home cooked meals. From pao bhaji and momos on the street to heavy stuffed aloo ke parathas (bread stuffed with potato filling).

Pao Bhaji

I have also quickly realized I need to keep myself occupied to adjust in India. This blog is fills that void and it also serves as a method through which I can express the multiple emotions I go through while living life here.

What were some of your first experiences of living in a new country?


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  1. Hi Swara,
    I am glad to hear you are adjusting well; I thought you would. Can you do a post on Bobby soon? I’d love to hear about that reunion. I bet he is so happy to have you home as is all of your family.

    My desk got moved and I am in the back with Jessica- I LOVE IT!! Anyways, miss you a lot and love reading your blog. It definitely fills the void. Take care, Lisa

  2. I think you are quite positive towards this change:) In a new country, or location one learns the tricks of sailing through with friends and buddies. I soo miss my istriwala aka laundry guy lol… Enjoy

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