Peek Into my Shoe Closet


I can’t say that I have too many shoes, though my mom and my husband think I have a problem. I have a cousin who must own at least 50 pairs and she once picked nine pairs in a single outing. Compared to her, I only have 42 and the max I have ever picked at one time is 3 pairs.

My Shoe Closet-with most of my shoes

My shoes are mostly mid range brands like Charles and Keith, with a couple of no brand shoes from Bangkok thrown in. I love Jimmy Choo and Louboutins as much as the next girl, but really I don’t want to have to spend that much and then get my shoes re-soled after a 1000 steps.

I had to give away or leave behind quite a few pairs when I made the move to India, but I ended up purchasing something like six pairs just for the wedding. But I do keep my shoes clean and boxed, and so they last.

My Wedding Collection

When I was in Bangkok and working, I mostly owned flats. It is difficult to navigate the pavements, skytrain stairs and the walk to and from the station in heels. India however is a different story, with the public transport not exactly the most convenient or not readily available in some places, you either take a car or cab it to your destination if you can. And then you can carry off the five inch heels with ease.

I do own a variation of flats, plastic rain shoes, slip-ons, wedges, high heels, but I tend to play safe with colors. You’ll mostly find neutrals, black and gold in my closet. There is however something to go with both traditional and casual wear. If I am wearing a saree, the most comfortable shoe for me is a pair of plain white heels, which do not tug or get stuck on the threadwork. Walking around in a saree is difficult enough, you don’t want to be constantly fixing it as well.

The perfect pair to wear with those expensive sarees

I want my next pair to be bright and strappy and bold. Or maybe I’ll pick the neon green Nike sneakers that were all over the Olympics when they launch in India.

Love these wedge heels from Charles and Keith

If I did have to pick a favorite pair that I own it would be these gladiator wedge heels by Charles and Keith. I absolutely love them, and you can walk and walk and not have your feet hurt. I used to own a pair of white strappy Topshop flats and these Steve Madden flats with the tiniest of heels that I wish I could find again. I literally wore those every day until they wore out.

How many shoes do you own, and which is your favorite pair?


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