Pet Company: Bobby


For most who know me, know that Bobby has played a major role in my life. From being a toy I carried around in school to actually having a pet with the same name now. I would like to introduce you all to a very important member of my family: Bobby aka Bobby Darling!!


Bobby has been with my family since December 2008, when we were living in Egypt. He too has traveled from Egypt to India, and I think he also has adjusted well to life in India–from being able to maneuver the crowded streets to knowing not to get too excited every time the doorbell rings (in India, someone or the other is always coming in or going out of your house).

Bobby before his haircut

Some days I think my life revolves around Bobby. He is very particular about when he needs to be taken downstairs for his walks. He will start a whining sound (which I can imitate at times) to get your attention. Bobby also has a defined expectations for his meals, his water always has to be cold, lol. He will always drink his milk first and then eat the dog food; furthermore, my mom has to feed him his breakfast which consists of two rotis (indian bread)-he won’t eat it if you leave the rotis in his bowl.

On a more general note, having a pet in India is quite common and manageable. During my walks I do see a lot of people walking their pets. There are also pet stores, and general store (such as Big Bazaar or Hyper City) where you can get necessary items such as branded dog food (Pedigree for instance) and various pet accessories; you might just have to do some asking around to identify the nearest pet store. The same theory applies for finding a good vet. No, you won’t find a large PetSmart in India, at least not yet but this might change with government approving the FDI for multi-brands.


Right now I am happy running around Bobby and getting his unconditional love. It’s fun coming home because I know I will be greeted with one of the most excited dogs who will ask you to pet him for a good 5 minutes as soon as you open the front door.

I would love to hear about your pets. Any funny stories?


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  1. Girl! You know I have some stories! I have 2 babies as you know and I must say they are the light of my life. Two different dogs with two different personalites and needs. Sometimes twice the pain but mostly twice the fun. I would not trade them for ANYthing! I am glad you are home and have Bobby back in your life. Loved this post! Take care Swara!!

  2. Those pictures just lit up my day. I’ve grown to love Bobby just through your stories. I miss sharing all of your pet stories between you, me and Lisa at lunch. As you know, my Abbey is just a little diva. Great post! I’m glad you have your Bobby Darling back in your daily routine.

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