Come Fall in Love…with a Yash Chopra Movie


The news of Yash Chopra’s death came as a shock, not because I wasn’t aware that he was in the hospital. But because you can’t imagine the world without certain people. He took romance on the silver screen to an entirely new level from the valleys of Kashmir to the scenic beauty of Switzerland, and his passing is a great loss to Indian cinema.

Yash Chopra

If I had to recommend one of his movies to watch, it would be Lamhe. I mean it’s a classic. I have watched it more times than I can count, and in addition to it being my favorite Yash Chopra movie, it is also my favorite Bollywood movie.

Lamhe DVD Cover

I remember loving Dil Toh Pagal Hai and Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, when they came out, and probably watched them countless times in the two years following their release. But I can barely get through 10 minutes of the movie now. They somehow don’t appeal to me the way they did back then. And so I avoid watching them, because I still want to continue to like them as I did when I first watched them.

Lamhe is the one movie that I can watch over and over and not feel that the dialogues atr over the top or cringe at the unrealistic nature of the scenes. I don’t remember much about watching it the first time, other than the fact that I had the longest crush on Anil Kapoor after the movie. And I think to this day I have a tiny crush on the Anil Kapoor of Lamhe. But as much as I love the movie, it made me hate my name growing up, because of the way Sridevi’s husband would pronounce it. I still can’t watch the parts that have him calling out my name.

According to me, a Hindi movie is not complete without songs, and I am firm believer in the whole song and dance routine in the movies. I watch a select number of Bollywood movies, and I have never watched one where I did not like at least one song. And this movie has some amazing songs, from Megha re Megha to the hauntingly beautiful ‘Yeh Lamhe, Yeh Pal Hum’.

If you haven’t watched Lamhe, you are seriously missing out on an amazing evergreen movie. It makes you want to fall in love all over again.

Which is your favorite Yash Chopra movie?


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  1. It really is. I think it just got made ahead of its time. If it were to have been released a few years later, I feel it would have done much better.

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