Color Me Up


Picking what to wear is relatively less time consuming as compared to applying makeup, at least for me. If we are going out, I end up taking at least an hour to get ready, applying the perfect liner really takes up a lot of time.

I don’t shop as much as I used to before, due to the lack of MAC counters near my place in Mumbai. There are a few stores that claim to stock international brands, but I am a little doubtful about their authenticity. So, now I mostly end up picking from duty-free or when I visit Bangkok. There are few websites that sell makeup in India, such as Medplusbeauty, but I am yet to try it out.

As with my shoes, I am really good at storing my makeup and cleaning my brushes regularly. I love reading makeup blogs, so I do get a lot of my ideas from there and I am sure some of you will find them useful as well.

Make up storage

I use a set of plastic drawers to store my makeup, and each slot holds specific products in the order of as I would apply them. Mine is from Bangkok, but I am sure you can find one that is similar in India as well.  In the top are my primers, concealers, and tinted moisturizers, next are my blushes, both powder and cream based along with palettes. Next stores my eye makeup, which includes the eye shadow palettes, pencil and gel liners, and mascaras-I store my pot eye shadows separately due to the lack of space. And in the last drawer you’ll find my glosses and lipsticks.

These are some of my favorite products

Some of my favorite products

Primer:  Smashbox, it gives your face a smooth feel. Makes you want to keep touching you face.

Foundation:  without fail MAC Face and Body foundation, and a close second is Make Up Forever’s

Matte  foundation. Both of these are waterproof and hold well in humid conditions. For a casual night out however I prefer a tinted moisturizer as it is easier to apply and not too heavy. My choice is Bobbi Brown.

Blush:  MAC Ripe Peach Ombre, as this was a limited edition shade, I wish I had stocked up. For a bronze look I always go to NARS Sertao or Smashbox Ecstasy.

Lip Gloss:  Estee Lauder Rose, and NARS Turkish Delight.

Liner:  Estee Lauder Double Wear pencil liner for a shine based finish and Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes for a matte finish. I have tried a few liquid liners, and believe it or not it is the Maybeline gel liner that is the best I have come across. Will never rub off or bleed.

Mascaras:  Lancome and Make Up Forever Smoky Lash.


The brushes, I store in these steel holders I picked from a crockery store-one holds my face brushes and the other eye and lip brushes. Other than the couple of MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes, the rest are Sigma brushes. You can order them online here.

Most of us are quite particular with our face cleansing routine, therefore it only makes sense to care for our brushes in the same manner. After all you don’t want to be putting dirty brushes into your blush or eye shadows. After every use I clean mine with the MAC Brush Cleaner, and once I week I give them a thorough cleaning using baby shampoo, as it is not too harsh on the bristles.

One rule that I follow, no matter how tired I am is to never go to bed with makeup on. I use DHC makeup removing oil on my face before rinsing it with water, and then using Neutrogena face wash for a proper cleanup. This is following by Clinique toner and moisturizer. On the days that I feel a little lazy or it is a little chilly, I use the Lakme makeup remover to properly remove my makeup.

Where do you shop for makeup in India, and do you know of any small retailers that carry authentic products?


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