AliExpress Haul


I am a self confessed shopaholic, and because there aren’t any great malls near my place in Vashi I tend to do quite a bit of online shopping. Plus you can’t beat the discounts- I’ve picked everything from books to perfumes and shoes online and have never once been disappointed.

Some of the goodies

I had heard quite a few good things about AliExpress, and the sellers always stock the latest trends. So, finally I decided to give it a try and place a small order for myself.

Unlike its parent company Alibaba, all the sellers on AliExpress are from China. But the good thing is that these sellers allow you to place small orders, some only have a minimum requirement for 15 USD, and quite a few offer free deliveries. This also makes it convenient for single store owners or those who hold exhibitions, such as myself.

Finding the items that you like is the easy part, the difficulty lies is finding the seller who offers the best price and also one who has good reviews. It took me a few days to find a seller who I was comfortable with, and one who also carried an excellent selection.

I placed a 35 USD –approximately 1900 Rupees- order from one seller and selected around 50 pieces of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. If I were to purchase the same amount here in India I would easily have had to pay more than double. Just to give you an example an Aztec style necklace that I paid under 3 USD –165 Rupees- for retails for almost 700 Rupees here.

Pretty Earrings

The quality of the accessories that I ordered were excellent, and they were true to the pictures displayed on the site. Everything was individually packed and then bubble wrapped before being placed in a box.

Lovely Rings

My only issue was with the amount of time it took for the delivery. The seller had mentioned 30 days, but my order took almost 45 days to reach Mumbai. Most of my friends have received their packages on time, so maybe it was just a one off.

Love this bracelet

The good thing is that in case you fail to receive your parcel within the assigned time, or if the goods are damaged you can open a dispute with AliExpress, and ask for a refund since the money stays in an escrow account until you confirm receiving it. I really liked that since, a lot of people have a perception of sellers or goods from China to be dodgy.

Do you shop online, and which are your favorite websites?


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    • Thanks! I had fun choosing the items as well. This order was from JY Jewelry-they offer quite a wide selection and compared to other sellers good prices as well. I also liek China Waqia Department Stores for their clothes. Happy Shopping:)

  1. hey!
    finally found someone who has shopped from aliexpress!
    I had some queries, wish you could help.
    I have a cart full of clothes and accessories on aliexpress but confused to place order or not cuz most ppl around the web say you have to pay custom duties as well. Is that true? did you have to pay any customs?

    • I generally had a pleasant experience shopping on Aliexpress, from the selection to negotiating and getting my queries answered. I had my delivery shipped to Mumbai and did not have to pay an additional taxes. Just make sure that someone is at home to collect the package or then the post office asks you to come over and collect along with id proof.
      I would say go ahead and place your order.
      Thank for stopping by our, and glad I could help 🙂

  2. hey dear , i am having some problems paying for aliexpress , can you help me which card did you use ?? i mean its getting huge problems to use debit cards there.I don’t want to use credit cards .
    Which card did you use please let me know , loved your haul by the way

    • Hi Camelia,
      Thanks a lot for stopping by. The problem with Aliexpress is that they do not accept debit cards. I had used a credit card as well-Visa- and the transaction is safe. The payment is held is escrow until you have received the goods. Hope this helps. Happy shopping 🙂

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