Indian Weddings: Mehndi


Sorry for the long gap between our posts. We both got quite busy with our families, and celebrating a huge indian wedding:) Indian weddings are

Traditional Bridal Mehndi

Traditional Bridal Mehndi

huge, colorful, and loud celebrations. I would say mine was along the same lines, with a slight twist as the wedding combined both Punjabi Sikh and Gujarati traditions. This mixture of culture and rituals made the events all the more exciting, at times confusing, and an immensely memorable experience. 4 events and 2 receptions in two different cities left us exhausted, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Now I am slowly crawling back into a routine and excited to share of the wedding traditions.

Smiles at 6 AM

Smiles at 6 AM

Our key events were the mehndi, sangeet & ring ceremony, actual wedding, followed by wedding receptions hosted in two different cities.

The mehndi function is essential to an Indian bride. Expert henna artist apply intricate designs to both of the brides hands and legs. These designs can depict anything from actual faces of the bride and groom (my mehndi design had this) to other important wedding motifs (the drum/or dhol, wedding procession/baraat, etc.). Apparently, the groom’s name is also hidden in the mehndi pattern and he has to find his name in the design. I wasn’t able to incorporate this tradition as my mehndi was 75% complete before someone mentioned this fun game that accompanies this event. The brighter the mehndi color means the more the husband loves you. To strive for this dark color, brides refrain from using their hands while the henna is on. This usually means you have your entire family and friends pampering you:) My friends and family made sure I was well fed and hydrated through this entire day!! I even had them scratch my forehead at time as it was itchy.

I was up at 6 am on the day of the mehndi event as I to be completely ready before the mehndi ladies could apply my mehndi design. My mehndi application process took 2 hours and 30 minutes. If this seems like a long time, trust me when I say it isn’t. My fellow blogger, Pallavi, mentioned how her mehndi took almost 6 hours to apply. This all depends on your mehndi artist. I was super fortunate that I had two ladies working on my arms simultaneously.

Once my mehndi was applied, the groom’s side joined in on the festivities. All the guests and family members had a chance to get mehndi applied. We also had a nice session of dance and gujarati garba. Some bollywood music also graced the occasion; top mehndi songs included Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, Ainvayi Ainvayi, Dil La Gayi Gujarat Di (it was almost a wedding theme for us), & Mehndi Hai Lagi Mere Haathon Mein.

The event came and passed so quickly, that is hard to recollect all the details. All I know is that Indian Bridal Mehndi is super intricate, and extremely special to every bride. I won’t have the chance to have bridal mehndi applied again, but I so look forward to attending more weddings and mehndi events to go through the experience again.


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  1. Swara! What fun to learn about all of these wonderful traditions; I have so enjoyed it! I look forward to you sharing more of them as you move forward in your new life.

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