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Taking a completely different route for hump Wednesday, I had a chance to visit a restaurant in my new hometown of Pune. My husband had booked a table at Oh! Calcutta. He had mentioned the place as one he wanted to try for quite a while but never got to it. We both are foodies and will pretty much try anything. I have never ever had Bengali food and therefore didn’t even know what to expect. Utilizing Yelp in the US had made me accustomed to looking at reviews and even menus of new restaurants-therefore if I am starving I don’t waste any time in ordering my dish. The reviews on Zomato for Oh! Calcutta were quite positive and this made me even more excited for our mid week breakaway.

So what was the experience like? OMG!! It was amazing; everything from the ambiance, service, to mouth watering dishes. We hogged and hogged and came home feeling super stuffed and happy. We ordered 3 appetizers, one entree, and couldn’t pass up on dessert either. Our starters consisted of Mochar Chop (Banana Flower Croquettes), Calcutta Fish Fry, and Murshidabadi Murgi Fry (Pan Grilled Chicken with herbs). The starters appeared on our table in may be 2-3 minutes and this was great as we both were quite famished. The banana flower croquettes was probably the most interesting to taste. The croquettes reminded me of mini vegetable kebabs, but the mustard dip sauce made it a completely new dish altogether.

We had quite a funny experience while we waited for our entree of Chingri Malai Curry (Prawns in Coconut Cream Sauce). We were talking about day and how this was actually the first time we had gone out for dinner as husband and wife, and out of the blue, our waiter served a shot glass full of green chillies. We asked the waiter how spicy the chillies were and he said extremely spicy. Oddly, this made us want to try them even more! We both had the tiniest bite possible and it was enough to burn our tongues. What was our saving grace from the spicy was the entree. I think the waiter had probably planned to serve our dishes in this order. The coconut curry with light, went extremely well with our steamed rice, and made us forget the whole mouth burning sensation. The entree was so wonderful, that I helped myself to two serving, throwing my whole eating no carbs in the night mantra out the door.

Even though we were stuffed, we couldn’t pass up on dessert. After debating between the famous Bengali Rosgullas or Misti Doi,we settled for Gur ka ice cream. Not to be kidding, but we finished this delicacy up in may be 2 minutes. I am horrible at describing the taste, but I think it is sorta similar to Dolce De Leche.

Like I said, we returned home stuffed and happy. Overall, what a fabulous meal!!! I can’t wait to go back to Oh! Calcutta and try more of their interesting flavours. Also, what better way to get over hump days 🙂

Our Entree of Prawns in Creamy Coconut Curry

Our Entree of Prawns in Creamy Coconut Curry

Super Duper Hot Chillies

Super Duper Hot Chillies



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  1. Swara
    This looks like a fabulous place! Your wedding pics are wonderful. I so wish I could have been there!

    Best to you and Mo

  2. Hi Swara!!! Pat and I tried a new restaurant in downtown Akron called Cilantro- a Thai fusion kind of place. They had lots of curry’s on the menu and I was thinking it would be nice to have you there to walk me through what it all meant. I ended up getting somekind of seafood rice dish and Thai soup. Everything I had was delicious and as a bonus it was also 1/2 price martini night….so I had 2!

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