Kitty of a Different Kind


This past weekend I attended a kitty, which can be best described as a get together usually of married women. These kitties usually have a common factor, either you live in the same condo complex, or your husband’s work in the same company etc. In my case it was for daughter-in-laws from my residential society.

This is just my second kitty, the first one I was a part of was the daughter-in-laws and/or daughters of my mom-in-laws friends who were married. These gatherings are a great way to meet new people and make friends, especially if you are new to the city or a residential neighborhood.

Mine is a lunch kitty, which just means that we either go over to the host’s house or an outside venue to meet, play a few games (with prizes of course), gossip and have lunch. They are hosted once a month, and each member must play host. The host is also given a pre-set amount by rest of the members. Our kitty is for Rs. 2000, and since we are nine members, the host takes in Rs. 16000. It’s a good way to have a bulk amount, which as I have seen so far has been used for shopping. My mom usually ends up buying gold with her kitty amount.

So, our kitty was at a member’s apartment, and out of the eight present I only knew two. But despite all of us being from different backgrounds we hit it off. We played two games, one was wrapping a saree and striking a supermodel pose in the shortest amount of time, and another was a song game, similar to antakshari.

Lunch was a delicious spread of dabeli, upma, and sweets, and we all ate until we were stuffed. And considering it was almost 3 pm by the time we got to lunch, you can be sure we are extremely hungry.

I play host next month, what do you suggest I cook up? I am thinking idli sambar, samosas, and rasgullas.


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