Special 26: Filmy Friday Nights

Special 26

Special 26

Wow! What an intelligently made movie! Those were my first thoughts as I left Fame  Cinemas in Fatimanagar, Pune yesterday. The film that left me thoroughly entertained was none other than Special 26. As many know, Bollywood churns out almost double the amount of movies a year as to Hollywood, however not much can  be said about the films’ quality. I didn’t know much about Special 26; usually I am up-to-date on all movies and Bollywood gossip, however Special 26 was completely under my bollywood gossip radar. In one way I am glad about this because I went into the movie with almost no expectations.

Special 26 is an excellent con/heist movie made by Neeraj Pandey, famed director of A Wednesday. Unknown to me, the story is inspired by the true incidents of 1990s when cons, poised as CBI agents, would raid business men, politicians, and other well off personas and walk away with a whole lot of money. As a viewer, I was constantly at the edge of my seat, wondreing who is conning who.

The movie started off at a feverish pace and successfully maintains that pace throughout. The story keeps you hooked till the last moment. Some might argue that the romance track and two songs were unnecessary, but I am a bollywood movie lover, and therefore even enjoyed that side track. What I enjoyed most in the movie were the witty dialogues and subtle humor. I thought the humor was quite similar to that displayed in Ocean’s Eleven or Spielberg’s classic con movie, Catch Me if You Can.

Thank-you Akshay Kumar for choosing a right movie to display your looks and acting talent. This is the first movie in the past three years (after Patiala House)were you are tolerable on screen. Akshay played his part with finesse and restraint. Even though he wore quite oddly paired clothing, I couldn’t help but awe his good looks at times (especially in scenes when he is walking to and from the airport). Anupam Kher was a pleasure to watch again (I just recently saw clips of him in Silver Linings Playbook). Manoj Bajpayee, who has lost a lot of weight, probably had the best part. I was just glad to see him in a role which was not his a political or rural village drama (unfortunately I have started to accociate him with those films).

Bottom line: I enjoyed the film a lot! From one movie lover to another, go watch the movie! For our international readers, you can watch the movie with subtitles if it’s playing near you.


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