Having a baby is a Tough Job


I am almost towards the end of my second trimester, and so being the kind of research loving  person that I am have read enough books and articles to last two lifetimes. I still won’t go and say that I still know everything when I comes to childbirth or raising a child, a lot will need to come from the experience of it.

In India however, it  seems everyone is a parenting expert, and therefore quick to dish out advice once they find out you are pregnant. And I am not talking about family friends and relatives, but even random people you might meet in a store. And it seems that I might have picked up on the trend as well, just the other day I was recommending cloth diapers to a new mom at the hospital.

And once you do have a baby, and it turns out to be a girl, there are many who will tell you to start trying soon, so that you can have a boy. Therefore, it is not surprising that sex determination tests are illegal in India. Luckily for me, neither my parents or in-laws have said that they want a boy, and my MIL even told someone, it doesn’t matter even if she has two girls, as long as they are healthy.

But on the other end of the spectrum are people who want their sons to get married again, if the wife has had only daughters. The theory of genetics, and the fact that it is the male that determines the sex of the child is lost to them.

I have heard some strange things, and most I am sure are myths. Here are my top 10:

  1. If your left eye gets bigger than the right during pregnancy you are going to have a girl
  2. If you go into labor before your due date, the baby will be a boy
  3. If you eat oranges, your baby will be fair
  4. Same, if you include a little bit of saffron in your milk daily
  5. Eating a lot of curd helps ease delivery
  6. The female also has a hand in determining the sex of the baby-this I know for a fact is a myth, but one that is believed by many.
  7. Soak almonds overnight, and remove the skin and then eat them for a fair baby
  8. If you have no particular food cravings, you will have a boy
  9. You get stretch marks if you scratch your belly
  10. Eating bananas will lead to a miscarriage

There seem to be quite a few suggestions as to how to make one have a fair baby. This afterall is a country obsessed with fairness creams for both men and women.

On the other hand, there are some that I believe in, which I am sure others find ridiculous. I listen to quite a bit of classical music and Gayatri Mantra daily. I believe in the ‘Mozart effect’, wherein listening to classical music helps spikes intelligence and also calms the baby. We also talk to the belly, so that we hope the baby absorbs our voices and recognizes them when he or she is born.

What are some pregnancy myths that you have heard of?


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