The Maid Chronicles


Maid or Bai as she is called in India

Maid or Bai as she is called in India

So, I have a full time maid at home in Nasik, which really has its ups and downs. On one hand, someone will remove dried clothes and fold them-sadly maids do not iron in India- put away washed dishes, make rotis, in addition to the everyday cleaning. Plus, the husbands always help out with moving large objects, cleaning the cars etc.

This maid comes with a two year old daughter, who is one stubborn person. Maybe all kids go through this phase, I am not sure. Her child is cute, and gives the funniest answers to some of the things you ask her, but sometimes you wish she would just listen.

 Yesterday, she was dangling through the stairs on the second floor, and despite me yelling at her to move back or she might fall she did not budge. Her mother thinking it was quite funny, basically just giggled.

Then began the task of bringing her down, which she reluctantly did while touching everything in her path and smearing it with her fingerprints. And to this her mother aka my maid simple turned a blind eye.

When the dishes are being kept, every single trolley that is opened, she sticks her fingers in, and moves all the pots and pans. Not surprisingly she is never told not to do so. Some day every soon, her finger will get smashed in one of these trollies if she is not careful. I find it a little bit strange that we are freaking out that her daughter might get her finger in the door or fall off the stairs, while all she does is tells her not to do something in the same monotonous voice.

I complain, but without her it would be tougher. My MIL found her after almost three months of searching and going through numerous candidates.

But there is no denying that the maid is a little bit strange. While putting away my MIL’s sarees in the closet the other day, she removed a couple and asked her if she could have them since my MIL had not worn them in a while. Tell me that is a little bit weird. Maybe I need to rotate my clothes more regularly or my t-shirts might end up as her daughters dresses.

Half the people I know here are complaining about their domestic help. I actually know someone who has to go looking for a new maid every couple of months. At least our maid, despite her quirks is sticking around. And well she does provide entertainment with her strangeness.

The maid in Mumbai deserves a post of her own, so I’ll leave her stories for another time.


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