Summer Essentials


Summer is upon us and in this hot and sticky weather, everyone prefers the cool and the light. Cool drinks, light  food and definitely light make up as well. Here are some of my favorite things for the summer, from clothes to food.

Bangkok is humid, and oh so hot, and your makeup begins to melt in the time it takes you to walk to the cab, so you definitely want to stay away from foundations. I prefer using the L’occitane lavender moisturizer after a shower, and a tinted moisturizer on my face when I am heading out. Top that off with a light barely there blush, gloss, and waterproof eyeliner-Maybelline gel liners get my vote.

L'occitane Lavender Moisturizer

L’occitane Lavender Moisturizer

And I definitely stay away from the denims. This weather definitely calls for dresses and flat strappy sandals to get you through the day. Cotton is your best friend. Not to forget the sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself  from the harsh rays of the sun.

Perfumes need to be light, fruity and floral as well for me. My choices are Davidoff Cool Water, Givenchy Fleur d’Interdit and Issey Miyake Florale. BLV Notte by Bvlgari is another sweet scent that I prefer during the evenings.

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Clockwise: Davidoff, Givenchy, Issey Miyake, and Bvlgari

The upside of being in the tropics is the abundance of fruits and during the summer, you cannot miss mangoes, watermelons, rose apples, and longan.

You also need to remember to stay well hydrated during this season. In addition to plenty of water, I also include coconut water, ice tea and Roof Afza to help me cool down.

Clockwise: coconut water, homemade ice tea, green tea, and Rooh Afza mocktail

Clockwise: coconut water, homemade ice tea, green tea, and Rooh Afza mocktail

What is your summer style?


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