Packing for the Hospital


This is a long overdue post. I meant to put it up almost two weeks ago, but my weekly checkup led to an emergency c-section and the birth of my cute baby boy. So, I have been a little busy changing diapers, feeding and staring at the little one.

A lot of expectant mother do videos or posts on what they are packing for the hospital, here is my little bit on the same.

Luckily my bag was packed (almost), and my dad just had to add in a few items.

So, here goes:

  • Toiletries
  • Eye glasses/contacts solution
  • My going home outfit (dress and jacket)
  • The baby’s going home outfit (cotton shirt, mittens, socks, hat and swaddling blanket)
  • Stem cell collection kit from Cryoviva
  • Camera and charger
  • Phone charger

    Baby's going home outfit options

    Baby’s going home outfit options

It wasn’t a heavy bag, since new moms are dressed in hospital gowns for the duration of their stay, and newborns are kept in the nursery until they are ready to be discharged. It makes sense to keep the babies in the nursery, as it does limit infections and they are provided round the clock care, while at the same time giving the mother time to recuperate. Moms are encouraged to head down for feeds and are free to meet the babies and hold them when they wish. All other visitors view from the viewing glass.

I was a little nervous heading into the surgery, but I must say I had the most helpful doctor and nurses at the hospital, along with the nurse sent in from Cryoviva for stem cell collection.

Wishing all moms to be a pleasant and memorable experience!



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