Rain in Falling: Bring on the Monsoons


Just a few days ago I was writing about how we were waiting for the clouds to open their flood gates and let it pour. Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come! It’s not the first rain of the reason, I think the first official monsoon rain for me was during TFI training (which is over and I will start teaching my own class of 5th grade in approximately 10 days)! I am in the bedroom, hearing the thunder and splash of the rain all across my patio, I can’t help but think about all the wonders the Monsoon brings. Let me clarify, that I actually never have been in India to experience this season, but I have talked to enough people to have at least an idea of what to expect.

photo 1-7

Best Things about Monsoon

1) The landscape turns into a luscious green within minutes. The trees, plants, and grass have a gorgeous fluorescent green hue to them.

2) There is no better time for chai (tea) or pakoras (deep fried vegetables/bread-a typical indian snack).

3) The rains definitely bring out the romantic side in many people. This is probably due to Bollywood movies hyping the impact of rain, but nevertheless, it’s an added benefit of the season. I think dancing/playing in the rain became popular directly as a result of the movies

4) One wants to sing the craziest songs! I mean I have been humming Anu Malik’s song “Dekho Baarish Ho Rahi hain…It’s Raining…It’s Raining.” It’s a silly song, but I can’t help myself. Other classic rain songs include “Tip Tip Barsa Pani” and “Rim Jhim Rim Jhim”

5) The temperatures drop and there is a consistent cool breeze in the air!

Now I know there is a flip side to the monsoons, but for now I will just enjoy all the awesomeness the rains bring with them.

My chai and pakoras are calling me as well 🙂

View from our sit out

View from our sit out


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  1. “Dekho Baarish ho rahi hai… It’s Raining, it’s raining, it’s raining…
    Mera dil ro raha hai… It’s paining, it’s paining, it’s paining…”

    Legendary song by legendary Anu Malik! 😛

  2. Since when do you like Chai tea? Is it different in India then it is here in the states? I bet it has no cinnamon, right?

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