Surviving the First Month


My baby boy turns one month old today, and it has been a learning experience since his birth. It is definitely not easy, and close to impossible without having someone around to help you. And I wholeheartedly disagree with anyone who says otherwise.

I have been up at hours I did not even know existed, I have had to stay up for hours in the middle of the night, done multiple diaper changes in the span of 10 minutes. But on the other hand, my baby makes the most adorable sounds and faces and he has the most content looking face after he has been fed.

I have slowly learnt to differentiate if his restlessness means he needs to be fed or changed. Sometimes he just likes to be held and will sleep on you, and wake up the second he is placed on the bed.

I know that my baby is super comfortable feeding when supported by My Brest Friend nursing pillow, which really is a life saver (Thank you Rasee). He loves it when you massage him, and loves taking a bath just as much. Humming nursery rhymes, especially ‘twinkle twinkle’ lulls my baby to sleep. He loves it when you talk to him, and sometimes makes facial expressions as if he completely understands what you are talking about.

I have also learnt to do things using one hand, and that includes changing a diaper while he is feeding. I have learnt that it is painful to hear your baby cry, and I can’t for the life of me understand those who are cruel to theirs’.

I am not a saint, and sure it gets frustrating, when you cannot understand the reason your baby is crying, because he is fed and his diaper is fresh. And at times like this it is easy to lose your cool, but I have learnt to be patient. That is the biggest lesson he has taught me: patience. And my parents have taught me that there is always a reason if your baby is crying. And that is so true. Sometimes they are just suffering from gas. Really.

Take a break if it gets too much, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. No one will think any less of you.

And most of all enjoy the time that you have with your baby, they will have grown up before you know it. I can’t understand how he is one month already. It seems just like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital.


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