Wimbledon: A Lazy Sunday with Dad


Wimbledon Finals are here; both Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic have started their practice before the coveted game begins. Even though my favorite Roger Federer was out in Round 2, I still find myself all geared up to watch these players at the All England Club in London. May be the reason is that I grew to love watching tennis, especially  Wimbledon, because of my dad.  It was probably one of the first sport that I understood and watched with him. Growing up, due to our hostel routine and dad’s extensive travel schedule, Sunday was pretty much the only time we were together as a family.

I can recall my dad explaining me all about the Pete Sampras and Agassi matches, his awe of Boris Becker, and now being with me on the Roger Federer express. Actually, I think I like Federer so much because he became my dad’s favorite player. I didn’t know much about Federer prior to watching the 2003 Wimbledon. I saw Dad cheering for him and I, just like I did when I was younger, followed suit.  In the US, I wasn’t able to watch Wimbledon Finals alongside him, but we would still update each other on the scores (well, he would update me most of time) via text messages. Our texts would be a simple message just as “Fedex through to finals”  or “Nadal is out, yay!”

A picture of dad and me from my wedding festivities :)

A picture of dad and me from my wedding festivities 🙂

Even though I am in India, we aren’t Wimbledon together this year, and I can’t help reminisce about my time watching Wimbledon with him. It was probably one of my fondest memories. Wimbledon always brings “daddy’s little girl” out in me.


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