Baby Fair Weekend


This past weekend I visited the bi-annually held Thailand Baby and Kids Best Buy fair held at the Queen Sirikit Convention Center (QNSCC). The center holds events throughout the year, and hosts everything from pet expos to travel fairs. This four day event is quite popular for both expectant parents as well as those with toddlers. In addition to discounted rates, it also provides the convenience of everything under one roof.

One could basically walk out with an entire nursery stocked for a new born. There was everything from cloth diapers and cots to baby carriers, sterilizers, play mats and even baby-safe nail paint.

One of the numerous aisles at the fair

One of the numerous aisles at the fair

Being a popular event, the venue was packed with expectant mothers as well as those parents with young children. I definitely made the right decision of leaving my baby at home. It would have been near impossible to hold him and go through the available stock, even though my mom was with me.

Discounts at Wacoal Baby

Discounts at Wacoal Baby

My brother had picked quite a bit of clothes and accessories during the earlier baby fair which was held in February, and comparatively the clothes were much better last time round. This time the clothes were first of all mostly for girls, and even then either really small sizes or then for toddlers. It was quite difficult to stock up on clothes for 9-12 and even 6-9 months for boys. Parents with baby girls must have had a blast. I saw the cutest shorts from Benetton in a whole range of candy colors, then there were dresses, skirts, ballet pumps and strappy sandals.

Tiny baby shoes

Tiny baby shoes

One of the many book stockists

One of the many book stockists

Nevertheless I picked a few t-shirts, shorts, a pair of jeans from Gap baby, night suit sets, caps, socks, and a few educational flip cards. On the way back, we stopped by at a baby store and picked up the very popular Sophie the Giraffe teething toy for later, as it is not available in India. In the evening we headed to H&M, which is also currently on sale, and picked the cutest cardigans for my boy.

All in all a successful shopping weekend for my baby, and surprisingly I did not make a single purchase. I definitely recommend checking the baby fair if you are traveling to Thailand at this time of the year and have little ones.


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