New Laptop


I had had my Samsung netbook for a few years now, and it was definitely time for a change. The battery had stopped picking a charge, which meant that everytime I had to choose it I had to plug it the power cable. The right click button needed multiple pressing for a menu to open, the shift key worked intermittently and finally the machine had gotten quite slow.

I had seen the ads for the Ultrabook on TV here in India, but the few stores that I did visit did not seem to stock it. And in general the options for Windows 8 loaded laptops was quite limited. Since I was heading to Thailand I decided to wait before I made my purchase.

All my tech purchases are evaluated by my dad and my brother and this time was no different. They knew my budget and also my primary use and this model was one of the suggestions. I ended up picking the Asus Ultrabook with Core i5.The Core i7 would have been too much for my needs as neither me nor my husband would be doing any heavy programming. We basically use it for surfing, watching TV shows, Microsoft Office. The i3 would also have met our needs but since my hubby uses AutoCad this was a more stable machine, and plus the price difference was just about a 1000 Thai Bhat.

In addition my version also comes with a touchscreen, and even though I was not too keen on it initially, Windows 8 is so much more fun to browse with that option. Both my brother and my dad are big fans of the latest version of Windows and have it installed for themselves and like they had said once you get the hang of it, it is fun to use. My brother just last week picked the Surface tablet and my dad is waiting for the next processor update, which should be out in a couple of months before he picks a new machine.

For anyone looking to buy a new laptop, I definitely recommend Windows 8 and definitely opt for the touchscreen option. A lot of my friends recommended that I pick a Macbook, which they all love and is just so pretty but I like the fact that I know my shortcuts etc on Windows. Plus since I carry a Nokia Lumia, which also runs on the Windows OS I have everything synced together, which would not have been possible with a Mac.

TheAsus Ultrabook definitely gets an A+ from me.


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