Rakhi: Celebrating Sibling Relationships


It has been a while since I have written anything on this blog! I can blame this on work, but more than that I wasn’t sure of what to write. I was having a semi-writer’s block.

Living in India, or any country, is quite incomplete without participating in all the cultural rituals and traditions. Rakhi, an auspicious day where sisters tie a thread on their brothers’ left wrist and brothers in turn vow to protect them forever, was one such event that I never ever followed.  The simple reason being that I don’t have a brother and my cousin brothers were in India, so I never actually got to physically tie a rakhi to anybody.

So at the grand age of 27, I was set to tie my first Rakhi to my brother in law. All day yesterday, I was quite fidgety, much like the students I teach, in anticipation of tying my first rakhi in evening. Like most things, my concept of Rakhi was based on what I saw in TV serials and movies. Was it like this for all?

Like true Sikh/Punjabi style, our Rakhi was more about food 🙂 We all conjured at my Aunt’s place and in a matter of two minutes (more like 30 seconds), all the rakhis were tied, sweets and gifts exchanged (brothers give their sisters a small gift in return-could be chocolates, jewelry, clothes) and we were set to feast on some Chinese style appetizers, pizza and watermelon flavoured cupcakes. The family caught up on sharing jokes and stories.

My rakhi didn’t have any puja, music, or melodrama as portrayed in the TV dramas; it was more about the family meeting up and that is what makes it special. Bring on more of these traditions and I will gladly take part 🙂

I didn’t take pictures of myself, but in lieu of that, have included Rakhi celebration pictures from my school 🙂 photo 2-3

5B Magicians

5B Magicians


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