A Peak ino my Bag Closet


This past week we got our baby’s closet worked on and fixed so that all his clothes could finally be unpacked. While the handyman was over, I even had the my bag closet fixed, so it now has sheets of sunmica or laminate instead of unpolished wood.

Since they were all out I though this could be a good time to do a post on my bag collection, which I have plenty of but probably not enough (I think). At last count I have 20 handbags and 23 clutches, and they range from high street to designer. Most of my clutches are Platinum buys and not branded, and sadly that shop has since closed.

Lovely Longchamp

Lovely Longchamp

Some of my favorites are my Longchamp bags, which are perfect for both work and also for a weekend trip. I definitely want to pick a travel size one though the next time I am at a duty free.

Guess Hobo

Guess Hobo

I also really like the above Guess hobo bag my mom picked for me from Singapore. It is quite slim but it can literally fit in everything that you would stuff into a larger bag. And even after it manages to maintain its shape.



Another favorite is this bright orange H&M one I picked from Singapore. The orange Hermes shade brightens up any outfit and is perfect for the current gloomy weather that we are witnessing currently in this part of the country.

Coach leather hobo

Coach leather hobo

This Coach leather hobo comes with both a small and long handle making it work as both casual and dressy. And the shade is the loveliest of pinks. I had my blog partner Swara order this for me from the States, as I definitely did not want to pay at least double if not more if I had purchased it in Bangkok.

My absolute favorite are definitely my LV Neverfull and Speedy, which I purchased for two of my birthdays. I prefer the Damier print to the monogram and so both carry the same. I would have picked the monogram but there are just way too many fakes on the streets-just devalues your purchase.

As far as designer bags go I already own two out of the five on my list of must have handbags. The others are Balenciaga City, a classic Chanel flap, and of course an Hermes Birkin.

Which is a favorite that you own, and which are you dying to purchase?


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