Lavasa: Birthday Weekend


I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend. Set aside from the fact that it was my birthday on Saturday, it was after a long time that both families, my parents and in laws met and spent some quality time together. The families met in Lavasa, a private city within Mose  approximately 1.5 hrs away from Pune. I first visited Lavasa approximately 2 years ago, during one of my quick trips from the US.   I had really liked the place during my first visit, as the place had several nice restaurants, a beautiful promenade alongside the lake, and amazing views of Lavasa Mountains. To be honest, I was a bit weary of whether Lavasa was a place worth spending the night at, but this trip made took away any such concern.

Lavasa has a few hotels, the most renowned ones being the Fortune. But, as that was fully booked due to a conference, we stayed at the Waterfront Shaw, which is a service apartment that overlooks the main promenade. The best part about Waterfront Shaw is that it is a pet friendly hotel and therefore Bobby was able to join in on the fun.   Actually, within the day, he was the star of Lavasa. Everybody wanted a picture with him and were asking about his whereabouts. Honestly, I think he enjoyed  the centre of attention 🙂

Now, what did we due in Lavasa? What families do best….we bonded over a game of cards, Teen Patti, to be exact. To make it a bit more exciting we even set some monetary parameters(which, by the way, came from our global collection of coins). We ate a delicious meal Eight Octopus, an oriental restaurant chain from New Delhi, and went for long walks along the promenade.

So even though the rains kept us indoors, and the construction in Lavasa isn’t complete, it is still a well worth trip for a day/overnight trip with family. Some might say there isn’t a lot to do, but carry a game with you and see what fun you can have. Otherwise, try something from what the city offers: jet ski rides, repelling, biking, hiking and spa .

Sorry I wasn’t able to share pictures of this wonderful weekend getaway. I was always encountering an error; I promise to upload them asap:)


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