The Art of Parenting


First of all I would like to apologize for the long break-we got busy with work and the baby and festival season has started here in India, so that always means a lot of guests.

Last week we concluded our nine session parenting class, which is one of the few courses offered b the Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY). The official name of the course is the Infant SSY Program, and all of our friends who have babies had completed it and it came highly recommended. I have to say we were definitely happy with the course, and we met some wonderful people.

The course is structured around the basic fact that babies are born with intelligence, and the human brain has the capacity to absorb knowledge from conception. Therefore we as parents need to help our children gain the most knowledge that they possibly can and with methods that are suitable for their age groups.

It is difficult to sum up nine, 3 hour sessions into a blog post, but here are some of the things that I have already found beneficial.

Sleep Talk: since our brain never shuts down, the point of sleep talk is to let our child’s subconscious hear and retain. This could be as simple as playing the Gayatri Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa or preparing your baby for a difficult situation that might be coming. This could be anything from taking a long distance flight, to their birthday. Constant repetition helps store the information in your childs memory, and when the situation arises, it is as if they were prepared for it already.

Say and Do: In addition to describing objects, people, relationships to your baby, you should always talk while doing any activity with your baby. This not only keeps your baby engaged but also helps to avoid startling the baby. This is something I always do, while giving my son a massage I keep telling him what part of the body I am massaging, if we are climbing the stairs I tell him we are taking the stairs to go up, and that we can also take them to come down etc. The more your talk with your baby, it will increase not only your bonding with your child but also their vocabulary for when they start speaking.

Cater to your child’ physical and mental development from the day they are born. I have not tried this myself, but previous participants have made their babies crawl on the first day. Later on there is trekking, rope ladder and balance beam for physical development. There are flash cards for language and dot cards for math skills that we can use from birth. Read to your babies, sing to them, or play nursery rhymes for them, trust me babies love it.

In addition to this we were taught to let our babies experience through their five senses, and even when they are too small to eat, let them smell the food and explain to them what it is. Other important concepts are to never lie to your child, to not say ‘no’ for all their requests, to not let anger be the first response. Encourage your child to ask questions, and help them find answers, and most importantly keep a positive attitude.

At the end of the day we need to remember that we might be adults and much older to our children, but as a parent we are only as old as our child.

While doing the course I came to realize that my parents followed a lot of what was being taught in class, when we were growing up. And even though I have mentioned this to them, you guys are great parents, and I am sorry that I annoy your some times. But it is fun and I know that you know that as well.

And finally, if you are living in a city where this course is offered, I would definitely recommend attending at least one session, and I am sure you will want to sign up for the full course.

Happy Parenting!


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