Food Before Crackers


Diwali definitely centers around food and crackers, and here food features prominently. Back home I remember my mom preparing ladoos, chaklis, and mathris among other things. Other than the ladoos it was whatever took our fancy. Sometimes, shakarparas, other times items for chaat.

In Maharahstra however all households prepare the same snacks, and in huge quantities. First off there are atta or wholewheat ladoos, and we finished making around 200 of those today. Definitely not a person job. Then there are sanjoris/karanjis, chaklis, sev, anarsa, shankarparas, and chiwda. Out of this some is consumed at home, while the rest is distributed to friends and family.

Luckily most of the food items get prepared by a cook who is hired by a few households. Basically you take all the ingredients and the storage boxes over to the house where the cook will prepare the snacks one person at a time. It took my MIL almost three hours to get ours prepared.

Here are a few of the yummy snacks. Don’t tell me you are not tempted to take a few bites!




Chiwda, shankarparas, and sev (L to R)


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