Flow with Love in Ahmedabad


Diwali, Term Break, Family Wedding..so many things going on and too many things to write about. The past week or so has been jam packed with various experiences, one that I really wanted to share was an activity we did during Teach For India’s Mid Year Retreat in Ahmedabad.

As a part of an experimental session, Teach for India provided us with an opportunity to participate in an activity called, “Flow with Love.” Now, before you get any weird ideas on what this means, let me just clarify all what it meant. Flow with Love consisted of us leaving our cell phone, money and all things we utilize and supposedly “need” in our day to day lives and explore the city for 24 hours. Scary? Yes! Interesting? Definitely YES! Humbling? Yes Yes Yes. This activity was all of that and so much more.


I won’t go into all of the details, but I can just say that Ahmedabad welcome us (I did the activity with two of my friends) with open arms and gave us so much more than expected. Auto-Rickshaw drivers gave us free rides, people offered to pay for our food and a sweet security guard let us stay in the Gandhi Ashram and lent us his blanket.

What amazed me was how people were so nice, no one ever questioned us, but instead wanted to help us in each and every way. I often thought, if I was asked for help by a stranger that involved giving money, would I have been that nice? Would I have been that trusting? Honestly, I wouldn’t have been. What also puzzled me is what hinders people, including myself from refraining judgment and showing genuine love and care for others without any expectations? This experience made me think of my class, my students, family and friends. Have I always had no expectations from them? Honestly, the answer is no. Having no expectations from anything is not something I do all the time. And why not? I have read a hundred quotes that say that having no expectations help you lead a peaceful and happy life. How many of us actually practice this?

Jhama Mazjid, where we able to take a quick 10 minute nap.

Jhama Mazjid, where we able to take a quick 10 minute nap.

The experience has gotten me thinking. What is the harm is offering help to a stranger, like those who in Ahmedabad, or can I really have no expectations from anything? I am just going to try and practice having no expectations, let’s see how it goes. May be it will make me calmer, happier?


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