Bollywood Beats


For some odd reason I need to be listening to Bollywood music when I am working out. And if you ask my friends they will all tell you that most of the time I tend to like the really trashy Indian songs. Also known as items songs, or the kind that you will likely forget in a couple of months.

I am starting to work out again after a gap of more than a year, and I need all the motivation that I can get. Pre-pregnancy I would be on the rowing machine for at least 20 minutes, do abs and leg exercises, and skipping. During the pregnancy it was primarily walking, with a little bit of squatting.

Now, my baby is seven months old, and though I have lost all the pregnancy weight, I need to exercise not only to tone up but for a healthier body.

This is what is on my current work out playlist, and so far it has been quite effective in getting me awake and in the mood:

  1. Boom, Boom, Boom (Lip lock)- Ajab Gazab Love
  2. Tu Mera Hero- Desi Boyz
  3. Lat lag gayee- Race 2
  4. Balma- Khiladi 786
  5. Hookah Bar- Khiladi 786
  6. Radha- Student of the Year
  7. Khuda Jaane (Remix)- Bachana ae Haseeno
  8. Desi Girl- Dostana
  9. Bakhudi Tumhi Ho (Remix)- Kismet Konnection
  10. What Makes you Beautiful- One Direction
  11. Best Song Ever- One Direction

What can I say I am a huge One Direction fan!

I think I speak for both of us when I say that it is indeed difficult at times to get yourself out of bed early in the morning, when you really could do with an additional 30 minutes of shut eye. So, we would love to know how you motivate yourself to work out regularly.


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