Anniversary Gift Ideas


Wow! I have been married a year:) How was it? I think we should ask my husband this question. A typical question for your first anniversary is what gifts are you getting/giving. I love giving gifts! I had thought long and hard about what to gift my husband. A thing that I did trouble him for is us having more time together, with work and family, we both tended to loose our time together.

So what could I do to change this? My husband and I started a travel list two years ago, places we wanted to visit, etc. With our limited budget and work committments, getting to all these places could take us the next 60 years. So, it got me thinking, could there be anything that could combine our love for travel on a friendly budget. I searched blogs and Pinterest, and by mixing and matching ideas, decided to make him a travel itinerary for a year.

Basically, I picked out different events/restaurants we could explore in Pune over the next year. I set a “date night” for each month with a new country theme. Just to add some fun to it, I even printed out boarding passes and a fake Indian passport, where we could store our memories. The aim was that we can travel the world together in the next year.

The gift :)

The gift 🙂

Some of the restaurants selected:

1) Margarita Deck (Mexico)
2) Trios (France)
3) Euriska (Greece)
4) Gokul (Domestic Travel) 😉

Let me know what you think of the idea. If you like it, feel free to steal it 😉

You can make your own boarding passes here:


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  1. This is such a great idea! With the world being such a multi-cultural place and a global community it is easy to explore culture and cuisine without even leaving home.

    My wife and I are visiting India in January. We will be heading to New Delhi and heading out from there. Any suggestions for where we should visit whilst in India?

    • Hello! Thanks for reading. It’s great that you are heading to India. There are so many places to visit in India, really depends on the time you. For starters, close to Delhi there is Agra and Jaipur. If you want to see deserts, then head further into Rajasthan or even visit Kutch in Gujarat (The Rann Utsav festival will be running there till March). To get a feel for the south, top places to visit would be Coorg. I hope this helps!

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