Fifty Shades of Grey


So, a few days back I was browsing through Dailymail, when I came across updates about the movie based on the best seller by EL James. I still think Matt Bomer would have been perfect!50-shades-grey

And it got me wondering if there was a release date for her trilogy from Christian Grey’s point of view-there was no recent news on that front. But, I did come across some fan fiction instead.

And wow, people really put in a lot of effort. And it’s not just a chapter or a moment, but some have rewritten the entire trilogy. I tried really hard not to be tempted to read them, and just wait for the actual release, but I ran out of patience.

So, in case there are some Fifty Shades of Grey fans, these are some excellent sites:


A Walk in the Clouds: Emine Fougnar has written all three books from Christian Grey’s point of view, and I must say that it is quite well written in terms of how I imagined him to think and react. She also has it available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

Fifty Shades of Grey: This one by Jane Harvey Berrick includes a few chapters from Dr. Flynn’s point of view when Christian decided to start seeing him as a therapist. There are also chapters dedicated of Grey’s life as he would have been during his early 20’s.  And then there is the entire trilogy from Grey’s trusted aide Taylor, and I definitely recommend it. It is hilarious, even though her perception of the character is nothing as I would have imagined him to be.

Fifty Shades of Grey and More: Written by Monique Lain, the story starts at when Ana finds out that she is pregnant in Fifty Shades Freed, but instead of telling Christian she panics and runs. She does claim that it is happy endings all around, so this could be the prefect read if you are experiencing some Christian Grey withdrawal.

I need to get back to some non-frivolous reading now.


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