Matrimonials: Bride/Groom Wanted


Two of my cousins just got married in the last 15 days, my husband’s cousin is getting married over the weekend, and family friends are getting married left, right and center. It is officially wedding season in India!

For those with children of marriageable age (22 for girls and 25 for boys) this is also the perfect time to find potential partners. There is always a friend of a neighbor who has a cousin, who has an uncle, who has a well-qualified daughter that would be perfect for your son.

And, so and in the spirit of the season I have decided to impart advice through what I have learnt about the marriage process while living here in India.

The Grooms-to-be

  • This species can range in age from their mid 20’s up until late 40’s. And so their marital status also ranges from single to divorced.
  • They are also 8 times out of 10 listed as handsome.
  • They are always looking for a bride who is fair.
  • She also needs to be homely, well-educated, and working. Basically, an Indian Superwoman.
  • Also, she should be in her early 20’s.

g6The Brides-to-be

  • They are usually looking for engineers or doctors. The MBA fad is so four years back. And if you have a government job, you are golden!
  • They need to also be “suitable”.
  • If the groom is in the private sector, it is preferred that he is residing in the US. Oh, and you have a Greencard? Consider the match final!
  • They should also be smart, which is not the same as being intelligent.

If you are about to start your arranged marriage quest for a boy or a girl, I hope you will see the funny side to this as well. Your special someone is out there, right after you sift through all the twisted and shocking characters first.


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