Sula Vineyards


Once I got the college beer drinking days out of my system, I become a fan of wine. It is still my drink of choice. Ask me which wine I prefer and I will immediately reply saying white wine, preferably a Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. Now, did I have any clue what went behind making these wines and how does one even tell if a wine is of good quality? NOPE!

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Well, all of that changed this past weekend. We took a day trip up to the infamous Sula Vineyards just outside the city of Nashik. We left Pune at 6:30 AM and reached Nashik by 11:30 AM (we made good time considering our stop for breakfast as well).

The first thing that struck me about Sula was just its layout and organisation (you will know what I mean by this in a minute). I half expected just some shabby vineyard with a restaurant to the side. Sula Vineyards offered a nice and excellent wine tour of their factory and informative tasting session. It was comparable to several of the microbrewery tours I took in the US. Our guide was fun, knowledgeable and left us with some neat trivia about the company and its’ owner. Did you know that before they grew grapes, the land used to be used for growing mangoes? Or that the climate in Nashik and some parts of California is quite similar and therefore they are able to sustain a vineyard there? Last fact…Sula actually is an eco-friendly company by trying to reuse their products/waste. I was quite impressed.

Factory Tour

Factory Tour

During our wine tasting session, we learned about the 4 S of wines….see, swirl, smell and sip. The tasting reaffirmed my choice…I definitely am more of a white wine person. From the offerings at Sula, the Champagne Brut and Riesling were my favourite. For those with families, there are also two restaurants, one Indian and one Italian, at the Vineyard that offer some delicious food.

In the tasting room

In the tasting room

I also had a chance to met up with Pallavi, my blogging partner, and her adorable 9 month old son!!! We had a lunch together at La Pizzeria at Sula and it just felt so good to be able to see your childhood friend after so long!

Bloggers Reunited

Bloggers Reunited

It was a wonderful day at Sula. I would highly recommend a day trip to those close to Mumbai, but for those traveling from Pune…may be try finding accommodation near Sula as the drive might be a bit strenuous. Sula does offer their own housing as well, you would just have to plan your trip well in advance.

I am not sure when I will get to visit Sula again, but will keep sipping on some delicious and fruity Riesling till then 😉

Posing against the interesting architecture at Sula

Posing against the interesting architecture at Sula


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