Dealing with a Plaster!


For the first time in my life, I have a plaster/cast on my left foot. The reason? A sprain that didn’t completely heal due to slight negliance on my part. Common sense tells us that rest is the cure to a sprain…and did I give my foot the required rest? No! This has resulted in me having to wear a plaster for the next three weeks.

It’s been a day (not even) of having the plaster on and all I can think about is getting it off. I was so used to running around the entire house, school, etc and now I am tied to the bed. Even removing jeans, which I can say goodbye to for the next 3 weeks, was a excurtiating process. The orthopaedic doctor painted an extremely grave picture of what could happen if I don’t rest my foot….to the extent that I might have to undergo surgery, etc.

As I try to cope with life with a plaster, I am sure I will encounter several frustrations and few joys (everyone working for me;)). For now, The hardest part is the acceptance-that I will have a cast on and won’t be able to do all the things that I enjoyed. I know it’s for the better, if my foot doesn’t heal I might not be able to run consistently…which is an issue for me, but wrapping my head around it is hard.

For those who have any tips…please do share 🙂


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