Photo Projects


After days of finding a convenient time, we finally had the handyman over today to put up frames. Lots and lots of frames.


A while back (well…three years to be precise) my sister in law and I decided to frame photographs and have them put on the wall along the stairs. We finalized the photos, got the prints and then just forgot about them for almost two years. Then a couple of months back we re-did the printing, got the frames, and finally today we had them nailed onto the wall. I love having photographs around the house, and I hope everyone who comes over enjoys looking at them.

A closer look

A closer look

When my husband and I did our Art of Parenting course, the final project was for us to come up with 12 qualities that we would want our child to have as he got older. Instead of just listing them out, we were asked to be creative, with the purpose being that the child views it every day, and these qualities are instilled in him subconsciously.

Qualities Project

Qualities Project

We wanted to work on a photo/frame based idea, and my husband gets all the credit for getting our idea into a finished product. After a few months of sitting in its packaging, we had it put up today as well. And if you have small children, I think this project is an excellent idea.

The first six qualities

The first six qualities

And the final six

And the final six

Everyone loved the end result, and it just made me feel that we should have gotten around to it sooner. I aim to not stretch projects for this long in the future.


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