Beating the Summer Heat: Ways to keep cool in the sun!


The Indian summer is here! In the States, “Indian Summer” was the time when there would be a slight heat way during fall…temperatures will slightly increase and it was a pleasant change for everyone before the gruelling winter hit. However, in India, the term has a whole another meaning. It is not something we look forward to. Indian summer actually means ACs blowing full time, strategic planning of errands to avoid time in the sun, long afternoons and mango season!

Last year I was off at the Teach for India training camping and therefore really didn’t experience the Indian summer. This year there is a whole different story….I actually have summer holidays and am figuring out ways to keep cool. Here are a few techniques I am using to get past the next month before Monsoon hits us.

1) Plan your errands! Really!

Gone are the times (aka winter) when you could run errands at any point of day because the heat didn’t affect you much. I try to get as much errand work done before noon or then after 5:30 PM. Morning temperatures are around 25 degrees Celsius (approx. 77 F), so it makes for a pleasant time to get out and get all the work completed.


2) Drink tons of WATER!

I know this sounds ridiculous. We all know we should drink water, but do we really take enough of it. If you are used to various drinks, try out some coconut water, Lemonade (Nimbu Pani), Lassi, Rasna, or mango shakes!

A Mango Milkshake!

A Mango Milkshake!


3) If budget permits, book a vacation to the Northeast.

It seems as it every other person I speak to has been or is going to the Northeast of India, which is graced with beautiful mountain ranges and amazing weather for us suffering in the heat. Some places to check out include Sikkim, Leh Ladakh, Dharamshala, Dalhouise, Spite, etc. But book these vacations far in advance as you might need a lot of paperwork/permits (depending on place).


4) Use the Pune style

This is something I have primarily seen in Pune. The ladies/girls do an excellent job of covering their face with their scarf/duppatta to avoid all dust and heat. I think it acts as a pretty good sun block! You can style it up with a pair of nice shades as well! Give it a shot 😉


A lady using the dupatta to protect herself from the heat!

A lady using the dupatta to protect herself from the heat!

How are you keeping cool this summer?


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