First Birthday


It’s been a while, but my parents were visiting and I just did not find time to post. And then for the past week my internet has been giving me issues along with the electricity going off at random times, since its summer time here in India, which means random cuts.

We celebrated my baby boy’s first birthday on the 17th of this month, going with the ‘Little Prince’ theme. And so accordingly after much search for a good baker, we placed an order for a castle cake, which also included a few of his favorite toys.

With the birthday boy!

With the birthday boy!

My parents kept telling me they had not found tickets, and completely surprised us by arriving at our doorstep. It was the best gift (at least for me). There was a lot of shocked screaming and a bit of crying on my part, which scared by baby a little bit.

Pre-party red velvet cupcakes

Pre-party red velvet cupcakes

We chose an open terrace venue, and invited just immediate family and our close friends. Since there was enough space for the kids to play, they enjoyed as well.

The castle shaped birthday cake with a few of his favorite toys

The castle shaped birthday cake with a few of his favorite toys

Food wise we went with a menu that was more kids oriented, and it included mini pizzas, pasta arabiatta, pav bhaji, hakka noodles, manchurian along with ice cream.

For party favors, we gave all the kids little knick knacks such as stickers, candy, scented erasers etc, in these adorable blue themed Chinese food boxes.

The next few days we spent going around the city with my parents and them spending time with their grandson.


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