Summer in U.S.


Last week I made a super quick trip back to the States! Looking back I can’t believe that I have been living in India for close to two years. How has it been? Well, somedays have been excruciatingly difficult-I was constantly questioning will I  ever adjust to India. Somedays, the smallest task would emotionally drain me. On other days, living in India was no different (I mean sure it is different – but I felt content on an emotional level); I felt like I actually fit in.

A lot of my friends asked me how it felt to be back in the States. My answer is that it felt very comforting. Having called the States my home for 10 years made me super familiar with things. I mean I knew where to go for things, how to get things done, the directions, what questions will be asked while ordering my favourite sushi or meal, etc., and it felt really good. In India, I am still figuring a lot of this out. In all honesty, going to a new place in India on my own freaks me out because I feel I never know what to expect or more importantly how people will react. In States, I feel, there is a certain decorum and I probably feel that way because I am so familiar with everything. In one way, I felt me and free. I think a lot of this stems from the fact that I did my “growing up” in the States-meaning I spent probably the most crucial years of me being who I am now there.

What I enjoyed the most during my one week stay was meeting up with people and talking as if nothing has changed. While in India, I am still getting to know most people; in the States, I have a group of friends, who are practically family, that have known me for years. We bonded over some amazing food and made new memories to hold on to.

Catching up with co-workers!

Catching up with co-workers!

Now no trip of mine is without food and oh boy did I try to fit as much as I could in my stomach. Now some might say, that I am all talk with food and usually just eat a bit or two and then I am done; I beg to differ in my thought. I stuffed my face with sushi from Pacific East, Chipotle, Melt sandwiches, Oreo Cheesecake, and Dave’s Cosmic Sub’s “The Grateful Dave”! Never did I think I would miss food so much-but I guess it’s the small things that you miss the most.

A beautiful morning run along Lakewood Park.

A beautiful morning run along Lakewood Park.

School is starting next week, so I am grateful that I had a chance to make this trip. The summer was a good one-nice balance of travel and rest. On my flight back to India, I also realised that it took me almost 3-4 years to completely adjust to the States, may be it will take me as long to start feeling 100% comfortable in India (I hope it’s sooner). So cheers to India! Let’s get start a new phase now!

A chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle- I dreamt about this in India!

A chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle- I dreamt about this in India!


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