Food Destinations: Pune

Food Destinations: Pune

I love food, it might not seem like it but I do. It sometimes is the one and only thing that makes me wake up at 5:30 and go for a run; the thought that I will be able to devour my favorite food later. Having been in the city also known as Oxford of the East for almost two years now-I have a list of places that are my go-to favorites. This might help those who are traveling to the city or might even open up options for those who have been in the city for a while but are looking for some new places to try.

1) Little Italy La Pizzeria.

It was the first restaurant I visited with my husband, back in the days of long distance relationship. May be that’s why it holds a special place in my heart. But the food is to die for as well. One has to try the Pasta Barbeseca in pink sauce (which is a mixture of white and red) and the Mexican Pizza. I love their nachos as well. The restaurant only serves vegetarian food, but never have I even once missed my meat during my meals here.

Interior of La Pizzeria on Bund Garden Road

Interior of La Pizzeria on Bund Garden Road

2) Kareem’s Chicken Kati Roll

Well, isn’t a sit-down dinner type of place; it’s more like you have finish your dish just standing outside. But nonetheless, Kareem’s has the best chicken egg wrap in the whole world. I have tried chicken kati rolls (wraps) at other places but nothing ever comes close. Some visitors might we weary of eating at this street joint, but sometimes you just have to risk the chance of a bad stomach for an amazing meal. (The one in Camp is the best branch)

3) Independence Brewing Company

This is probably the newest addition to my list and it made its way to my list because of the beer and not food. Micro breweries are just starting in India, and fortunately Pune is becoming host to several of them. Independence Brewing Company has a rustic interior, which I love, along with amazing beer. I have only been here twice (not bad considering it only opened back in January) but have loved, loved, loved the beer. I would highly recommend this for a girls night out or a place to catch up with friends.

The rustic interior at Independence Brewing

The rustic interior at Independence Brewing

4) 1000 Oaks

Another nice hangout spot in Pune is 1000 Oaks or TOaks. My husband tells me that is one of oldest lounges in Pune, where infamous musicians used to visit. All the times I have been there, they have the same playlist, but it doesn’t take away from the charm of this hidden gem. The Bar Men’s Pitcher is one to definitely try-go for the original and not the other flavours. In terms of food, the butter chicken and garlic mushrooms are always on my to-order list.



I am sure this list will grow and change as I continue to explore more around this city that I am starting to call home 🙂


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