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Happy Independence Day


As India celebrates her Independence, it makes me think that even though we do not live in the most perfect country, it is still better than what most have. A couple of days back, someone had shared a status which stated that we should be happy with what we have, because it is still something that millions aspire to. And today of all days I think that we should embrace the country that we live in and the one that we are learning to call home.44802_Indian-Independence-Greetings-Wallpapers_1440x900

We might not have the most transparent government, but at least we live in a democracy in the truest sense. Where it matters when you vote.

We live in a secular nation, where though we might have religious disagreements at least we are safe from calculated termination of those who follow certain faiths.

We might not live in the safest country for women, but at least we are beginning to establish laws that will make her safer.

We might not always feel we can wear what we want, but at least we are not being forced to cover ourselves from head to toe or face persecution.

We have a long way to go before we are the most technologically advanced, have the best education, and can provide clean water and healthcare but in spite all that we are living the dream of many.

So, for a change let’s embrace our opportunities and our freedom, and remember that change begins with you. Next time, don’t spit on a wall, and remember to throw your garbage in a dust bin.

Happy Independence Day India!