Weekend Getaway


We spent a relatively normal weekend this past week, and headed out to our farm with a few friends for a day trip. My hubby is usually taking care of meetings over the weekend as well, so we just manage to go out for dinner or a movie once in a while. So, it was a great way to just take a break from work-there was literally no phone reception- and catch up. We headed to Niphad, which is approximately an hour’s drive from Nasik, picking up lunch on the way.

Lunch was tandoori chicken, curry, bhakris and rice along with a selection of juices. I usually remember to take photos of food after we are done eating, so unfortunately there are none to share of the seriously yummy dhaba food.

The kids playground for the day

The kids playground for the day

And since most of us have small kids, it was the perfect venue for them to enjoy as well, and enjoy they did. They spent the entire time running around and playing with rocks and what have you, only to take a break for snacks or water. My son is obsessed with cows and dogs and my father in law takes him out daily over the weekend to look at them. So, he was simply delighted to see a few a cows grazing and a couple of dogs lounging about.

Where to run next?

 Where to run next?

Hubby and baby as we explore

   Hubby and baby as we explore

Considering how we are the worst planners, taking hours to just get a dinner outing confirmed, it was really great that everyone managed to keep aside the entire day to head out.


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