Joys of Today: Bump Update


As my role as a teacher comes to an end in a few weeks, I am going to be starting the most challenging and exciting one of my life: being a mom (yes, it is a cliche). I know there are countless pregnancy blogs about what happens or what to expect, etc. so I am not going to go there. I do read books and blogs here and there but I also do want to just experience things as they come along. So I am in the final stretch of this journey and luckily it has been a good one so far. I wanted to take the time to share some of the most special and comforting moments so far.

I can spend hours or an entire day just laying in bed and waiting to feel the baby move. It is such a comforting feeling and I don’t think I am doing any just in describing the emotion and joy one feels. Most days, I am content doing just that and nothing else. In addition to just feeling the baby move, I have started reading and playing music for the baby. I usually end up reading the same Winnie the Pooh poems, my favorite one being “To the Market Square.” I enjoy reading these stories and poems just as much as for myself as for the baby.

Front Shot…spot the bump!

Front Shot…spot the bump!

Your first pregnancy is also a time that you get pampered the most, definitely in India. Everybody is ready to make any food you crave and satisfy any needs or urges you may have. Some are also willing to pick up household chores for you! A common question I get is whether I have any cravings or not and while I would like to believe that no, I have not really had any cravings that have driven me up the wall, the real reason behind is probably my husband. Even if I just mention, in passing, that I feel like eating this particular food, by that evening that food is in front of me 🙂 Now who cannot like this royal treatment?

7 months pregnant in the only pair of jeans that still fit.

7 months pregnant in the only pair of jeans that still fit.

The pregnancy has been a smooth one so far and I hope it continues this way 🙂 I am even more excited as we get closer to meeting our little one.


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