Styling while Pregnant

Styling while Pregnant

Hello! Hello! If there is one thing I could say is slightly upsetting about pregnancy is the lack of wearing stylish or fashionable clothes. I am bored of wearing the Indian kurta and leggings and while I was browsing Instagram and the web, I came across this cute service called BumpStyleBox, which basically is a maternity boutique that delivers adorable outfits you can wear while you are pregnant! Oh how I wish a similar service was present in India. There are countless maternity clothing websites, but their selection is not quite flattering. Looking at this service, I thought of going back to my closet and putting together a few outfits that could be cute. However, let me warn you that I am no fashion stylist; I just randomly tried on clothes that I thought would break the wardrobe monotony.

So I am leaving you with two looks I tried out. Let me know what you think.

Look 1: Jeans & Jacket. One can never go wrong with jeans, a simple black cami and a jacket. One can even add some junk jewellery and bangles to glam up the look.

Front View

Front View

Look 2: Black & white dress from Express (two years old). So this dress was always a little too big on me, but fits well now and the strips accentuate the growing bump as well. A nice pair of red ballets or even a statement necklace could be added to complete the look. 

A little dress to spice up the wardrobe!

A little dress to spice up the wardrobe!


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