Mommy Time

Getting ready for a car ride

Getting ready for a car ride


The glorious nap time


Last month, my husband and I welcomed a gorgeous baby girl into our lives and our life changed 180 degrees. I read a few blogs about how it is taking care of newborn and friends had mentioned it’s a lot of work, but you manage. Nothing, absolutely nothing prepares you for the task. We eat, sleep, shower, poop…not on our own schedule but the baby girl’s.

How am I holding up? I am constantly tired and easy frustrated. Last week I used soap to shampoo my hair and even forgot to pour in contact lens solution for my contacts. But the moments of our baby girl smiling or making the most adorable funny faces makes it all worth it.

Some things I have learned through the process

1) I can handle baby poop (probably what most people don’t want to deal with)

2) Breast feeding is (super) hard, but definitely creates a closeness between mom and baby

3) Learned to sleep when baby sleeps instead of running through a to-do checklist

4) There is no joy more precious and memorable than seeing your baby happy and healthy

5) I had tears when I had to step out of the house without the baby

6) I can spend hours looking at my baby make the most ridiculous and cute expressions

7) Baby bath and massage time are my absolute favorite part of the day

8) biggest achievement of the day can simply mean that the baby took a 1 hour nap!!!

9) Ask for help because you can’t do it all-cook/clean/etc. Let go of a few things.

10) Somedays, I miss just simply being pregnant 😉

Parenthood is tough, no doubt about that, but it is also an experience that you can compare to no other. Also, I have had tons of help from my family, without whom I wouldn’t have been able to get through the days….so thank you!


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