Food Food: Childhood Food

Food Food: Childhood Food

A few days ago, a friend post one of those posts about 90s songs that will instantly make you nostalgic. That, coupled with the fact that I am currently at my mom’s place and have the luxury of asking her to make some of my favorite dishes, prompted me to do a post on some of my favorite food items that immediately take me back to my childhood. Now, if I sit and think about it there are probably countless dishes that can make this list, but I will limit it to the ones that immediately popped into my head while writing this.

So let’s make it a quick 5 countdown…..drum roll…..

5) Dal Bati….this Rajastani delicacy may seem like a very peculiar choice but I loved eating this while growing up. My friend’s mother made the best dal bati and I loved the fact that she always called me over when her mom cooked this up. Till date, my friend messages me when she or her mother makes dal bati. Furthermore, in our neighbourhood, all the moms would cook delicious Dal Bati and have a “Dal Bati” party 🙂

4) Paprika Chips: These Thai potatoes chips epitomized my childhood. One of my first and favorite memories of my childhood consists of my parents driving my sister and I to a small Thai restaurant, while listening to some Beatles’ melodies, and there we would get to have a bottle of coke and Paprika chips. On my recent trip to Bangkok I absolutely devoured this chips in loads.

Paprika Chips

Paprika Chips

3) Ka pao kai and Kao Phat Kai: Thai food, obviously, makes this list again. Ka pao kai is Basil Chicken and Kao Phat Kai is simply chicken fried rice. These two dishes were basically my lunch staples. Luckily our school canteen would prepare these meals fresh upon request and trust me when I say it was total bliss!

Chole Bature

Chole Bature

2) Chole Bature. This Punjabi dish is probably one of my most craved Indian food. Similar to Dal Bati, my friends’ moms would always cook this when they knew I was coming over or would call me if they had prepared it. The fluffy, flour made, bature with spicy and tangy chole (garbanzo beans) was a match made in heaven. Back in the day I could gulp down at least 6-7 batures 😉

1) Wrap It Chicken Wraps & Criss Cross Fries: This is another school lunch related story, So the Wrap It Kebabs/Wraps were probably the MOST expensive thing in our school canteen. Back in the day the wraps were 85 Baht, which for a school student was quite steep. My weekly allowance was 200 Baht and me being me, I would “plan”  the day I would splurge on the Wrap and then figure out how to get through lunch/free blocks the next 4 days. Unfortunately, I was not able to have a fix of these during my last trip to Bangkok….but there are days I dream about them.

Aww, I almost forgot….I can’t complete this post without having this item: Pizza Company Bread Sticks & Cocktail sauce. Now what can be so special about breadsticks and a cocktail sauce? These breadsticks and more importantly the cocktail sauce, was like crack (not that I know how that tastes…but I can’t think of another way to describe it). I grew up in a boarding school/hostel with 60 other kids. On days we didn’t like the food prepared by the canteen, a few of us would form a group to order just these breadsticks from Pizza Company and this would be our dinner. Each kid could finish 12 breadsticks, usually even more, by themselves. And on special Thursdays when the boarding school itself would have a pizza night….ALL OF US, would be ready for dinner and waiting in line by 6 (an entire before dinner time) just so we could make sure we had our plate full of these wonderful and addictive breadsticks and sauce.images

Now I am just craving all of these items….but I hope you enjoyed this post and may be some of them reminded you of your childhood.


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