Monday Mornings


I came across a blog a couple of weeks back where Ilana had described her Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings. There was a contest where she picked a few moms and added their stories as well. We did not participate in that, we decided to get inspired and do our own version. The original post is on Mommyshorts-it’s a fun blog.

This week I’ll put up my versions, and next week or whenever new mommy Swara has time she will blog hers. Just being in two different countries, brings a huge variation into the routine, along with what is the norm or not in a certain culture. I just found reading all the stories and comparing them to mine quite interesting. In India for example, we have maids who will come in daily to do the cleaning and the dishes, clothes and cooking as well if you want.

I did not hire a photographer for the post, and all the photos have been taken by me, so you won’t see any with me in them. In hindsight it would have been good to have gotten my husband at least to click the photos so I could really see my interaction with Vivaan.

Good Morning Mumbai!

Good Morning Mumbai!

Ever since my little boy, Vivaan started Pre-school, I wake up at 6:30 so that I have enough time to get the cooking done before the maid arrives, and hopefully have time to take a shower before Vivaan is up. My maid doesn’t get in until 8:00 so there is enough time to prepare both breakfast (where is can be cooked in advance) and lunch.

What I usually do is put on the cooker for the lentils, and on the side do the dough and make the rotis first, because I find that the most time consuming. By 7:00, the milk arrives and is put to boil and cool off ready for when Vivaan wakes up. And the dry vegetable is put to cook on the side.

Since Monday is wheat day at school, I decided to cook Vermicelli for breakfast as well as for Vivaan’s school snack.

Most days I have about five minutes before he wakes up to run into the shower, but this Monday he was up right when I was getting into the bathroom. So, instead it was cuddle time, and trying to cajole him out of bed and get him prepared that he would be going to school. Before he gets to school, we are still dealing with a lot of him not wanting to go and some days there are tears involved.

Milk and breakfast this Monday. It was a good day.

Milk and breakfast this Monday. It was a good day.

My husband is up around the same time, and while the maid cleans, both of us are trying to get Vivaan to drink his milk, and helping him eat at least a little bit of breakfast. I give him a shower, brush his teeth while my husband gets him to wear his clothes-for the past few days he has been insisting on only wearing either his night suit or something with a bunny rabbit on it to school. Getting him to wear his clothes probably takes us the longest. While my sis in law entertained him, I managed to take a quick shower, and drop him off to school.

My husband trying to calm Vivaan down about going to school

My husband trying to calm Vivaan down about going to school

After the drop off I usually iron off the clothes that do not get sent to the dhobi, we have breakfast, I hand wash Vivaan’s clothes, put the rest in the washing machine, and by then it is time to pick him up. My husband and I pick him up from school, and then he leaves for work

Back from pre-school, and he wanted to apply color on me.

Back from pre-school, and he wanted to apply color on me.

Make sure to read my Wednesday Evenings post later in the week.


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