Monday Mornings


So here is my attempt at doing a Monday morning post. With a newborn there isn’t a set routine, the morning is just guided based on my daughter’s needs and wants. One thing that doesn’t seem to change much is our wake up time, my two month old daughter starts squirming in bed around 5:30 AM (even before sunrise). I usually try nursing her to put her back to sleep for another hour;

Morning stroll

Morning stroll

somedays this works and somedays like today she absolutely refuses to go back to sleep.

On Mondays, my husband has his workout, so I am usually the only one awake in the house at this odd time. I was feeling a bit sick over the weekend and had missed my walks; today I felt that a nice walk and some fresh air would do me and the baby some good. So I put on my fabulous Ring Sling and headed out for a good 30 min stroll.

After that it’s usually catch up time for the family. My daughter plays around for a good half an hour to 45 mins while I get all her things ready for the day-diapers, cloths folded, water boiled, etc. I do have the luxury of having help that enables me to focus just on taking care of my baby.


Reading Time

Reading Time

My husband leaves for work around 9 and then starts my alone time with the baby. Today we started our time together with reading “Goodnight Moon”; she just looks at the colors and I am happy with that 🙂 I really hope she too loves reading as much as I do. Up next was making sure she had a full tummy.

imageAfter that I asked my bai (help who I call Didi or elder sister) to help me cut my daughter’s nails as it’s something I am terrified of doing. We sang songs and “talked” to my baby through this process to distract her.

imageWith a full belly and newly manicured nails, my baby was in play mode. I just laid her on my bed and entertained her with many of her toys. This got us till around 11, when she was hungry again (newborns get hungry quite frequently). After a feed it was nap time again where she slept peacefully on my chest. It was a best close to an eventful and beautiful morning.


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  1. Love hearing about your morning routine with your little Sia…glad to see you so happy! You look like an incredible Mommy!

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