Mrs. Funnybones: Book Review


Confession: I have to admit I had been looking forward to this book ever since I found out Twinkle Khanna was publishing a novel via Instagram. Furthermore, there are few authors that I religiously follow and Mrs. Funnybones has become one of those.image

So within seconds of finding out about this book I found myself pre-ordering a copy on Then began the waiting game and I would satisfy my need of “reading” by following Twinkle Khanna’s Instagram page to get updates about the book. A few weeks back there was a picture of her signing the first 500 copies and I just secretly wished on getting one of those.

Fast Foward to last week: Between the zillion spam and “offer” emails that make up my mailbox, I find one from Amazon Customer Service that informs me that my order for Mrs. Funnybones has been shipped. Victory! I eagerly start looking for the delivery boy and keep checking the shipment tracking (yes, I can be very lame).

On Wednesday, my maid tells me a package has come for me and in all excitement I rip open the covering. There it is!! I update all my friends on having received the book and just about then a thought comes to my mind…just lemme check and see if it’s signed. This is the moment and YES!!!! I screamed and literally scared my baby in the process.image

I finally start reading the book and found myself laughing and cracking up endless times. With some snippets from her columns and other wonderful, relateable, and hilarious stories, Mrs. Funnybones is a winner. Now, I can recount all the instances which I loved…but wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone. Last word though: go and get the book and be thoroughly entertained.


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