Engagement Weekend


It was a fun weekend, where my sister in law got engaged, and my son enjoyed a week off from school. A month of weekends prior to the big day were spent sourcing materials for gifts and customized packing. And the last week was spent packing and labeling well into the night.

Customized gift baskets

Customized gift baskets

And once the function was over and we came home, it just seemed so calm, like we had nothing to do all of a sudden. This is just the calm before the wedding madness begins.

The gorgeous plate to carry the rings

The gorgeous plate to carry the rings

Here in Maharashtra, as opposed to the North, the gifts are giving during the engagement, and it happens on both sides. Usually it is sarees for the ladies and suit pieces or a set of formal wear for the men. In addition to that, all the men are also given a towel and a Gandhi topi. This is just given to the close relatives and not all guests, as most engagement functions run into a few hundred people. We had close to 800 people attend the engagement.

The engagement cake-marble, chocolate and strawberry flavors

It was a great venue, with excellent food, and the best part was they had a playground for the little ones, which kept them well occupied.

Selfie with the bride to be

Selfie with the bride to be

Family Photo

Family Photo

I am so happy for my sis in law, but I’m also sad that I am going to miss her terribly when we visit over the weekends. More than me though, it’s my son who will miss her-he loves going into her room and randomly picking up her stuff to play with, wants to sleep on her bed, and absolutely loves dancing with her. At least the good part is that she’ll just be moving a five minute drive away.


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