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Food Trucks in Pune


One of my favorite shows on Food Network is Eat Street; and I just sit there and drool over all the greasy, juicy and creative food served. The show always leaves me hungry and raiding my kitchen fridge. Over the past few years, food trucks have been popping up all across the globe. The food truck trend was just catching up in Cleveland before I made the move to India. But, one might say that India was probably one of the first countries to have food trucks because we have many vendors serving delicious food through their mini stalls or thellas (as we call them in Hindi). I think what makes the current scenario of food trucks stand apart is that most of them are run by budding entrepreneurs and culinary artists who set out to serve new, inventive and delicious dishes to the more food conscious and aware customer.


Cajun Chicken Pita Wrap



The awesome guys at Street Meat

So, again thanks to social media and how its become the new way to hear about new and upcoming places, I heard about “Street Meat.” I stalked their Instagram page and realised that they were officially launching their food truck this weekend with a simple menu and pay what you think the food is worth offer. Hello! What is not to like about this? I couldn’t contain my excitement and texted my husband at work about this. I told him that we “have to” try this place and he, being he, simply agreed.

So come Sunday, we strapped the baby in the car seat, hopped into the car, braved the mini downpour and crazy traffic and found ourselves at this neat little food truck. Street Meat’s menu was of the following 1) Thai Stuffed Gol Guppas (pani puris) 2) Goan Chorizo Bra Pao 3) Cajun Chicken Pita Wraps and 4) Korean Pulled Pork Burger. The Indian twist on these international cuisines was refreshing and mouth watering. We ordered one of each and couldn’t stop raving from the first bite. Yum, yum, yum!  The two partners running the place were friendly and nice to chit chat with and that made the entire experience more fun. For my first official food truck experience in Pune, I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

This weekend was a foodilicous (yes, I made this word up) weekend for me. From stuffing face at a family friend’s wedding to trying out a brand new food truck joint in Pune, the weekend left me feeling happy, satiated, adventurous, and a bit more snug is usually good fitting jeans.