2015 in Review



As 2015 winds down, I just wanted to take a minute to recap and reflect on the year gone by. I thought it would nice to reminisce over the wonderful memories of the past year. So while we countdown top songs, movies, personalities, events, etc., I thought I would fun and apt to recount my personal memories.

  1. The year started off with a bang with a trip to Bangkok. It was so special to show my better half all the joints and food I grew up around.
  2. My two year stint with Teach for India came to close in April. You may recount, I had many ups and downs with this journey but I always look back and say “I am glad I did it.”
  3. BIGGEST thing of 2015: blessed with the most adorable and loving baby girl. I can go on and on about having the opportunity to be a mother to such a wonderful child, but I won’t. But it is the BIGGEST and best thing to happen to me.
  4. Speedy recovery from C-Section (anyone who knows anything about undergoing surgery knows how important and special this is).
  5. Got back into running and completed a half marathon! Running is a part of me and right now it’s the only thing I truly get to do for myself, so it definitely is a highlight for the year.
  6. Three years of waking up to an awesome partner. I don’t say enough but he is really too good for me.
  7. Having a great family that I got to see quite often.
  8. Goan ki Goris and Hiram Girls! My girlfriends from across the globe that keep me going.
  9. Finally, but not the least, having the opportunity to continue to write. This blog has been a part of our lives for the past 3 years now and while we might not write as often as we should, it is a true joy being able to share our thoughts and voice.

Life is made of the small moments. The days might seem really long, but the year is short. Make the most of it. With a fabulous 2015 closing out, I look forward to an even more exciting, fulfilling, and loving 2016!


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