Both of us were born in India but raised in Thailand, and now after all these years we find ourselves married to our ‘the one’ and settled in India. Before the move, India was summer vacations spent traversing the country to meet cousins and relatives, sampling street food with caution, and shopping for Diwali clothes.

When you begin to live here however, you realize it is much more than that. It is an amalgamation of sights, sounds and smells that hit you hard. This blog is our journey, and chronicles our triumphs and tribulations as we learn to make this place home.

Why the Title: Chai & CCD: Chai (more commonly known as tea) is India’s main drink. For most Indians, a day in incomplete without a cup of strong (kadak) chai. On the other hand, coffee is creeping itself into the Indian lifestyle and CCD or Cafe Coffee Day is our Starbucks equavilant in India. We feel the combination of two provides a nice, all encompassing title for what this blog represents. On the other side, we flipped a coin and decided on this title. Top choices for title included Almost Desi, India Calling, and From Starbucks to CCD.

Interesting Fact/Trivia: In the US, CCD stands for Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (a religious program designed for students).



Swara85 aka Junglee Billi: I never liked writing papers during high school or college, but I was good at them. The whole aspect of blogging is new to me, but one that I seem to enjoy more. My passions include reading, dancing, running, style/fashion, eating, making terrariums, and traveling. I definitely feel incomplete without my daily dose of celebrity gossip (both Bollywood & Hollywood). I also thank Pinterest for making me look like a creative bee at times. I feel blogging is about sharing experiences; each one of us has a different perspective on life and why not share it with a larger audience. So why not share some experiences, tips, and memories.


Pallavi aka Sarcasm Queen: I have always loved writing, and I dream of someday becoming a published author. I am a self-confessed bagaholic and a shoeaholic, and I can never resist a good sale. I also need my daily dose of celebrity gossip. I mean I know the names of all the Jolie-Pitt kids, and in the correct order. My planning and researching skills are out of the world, execution however needs a little bit of work. And finally I can’t live without Google.





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  1. Swara- awww I missed you when you were here! 😦 did you get to see Sara’s baby? I am subscribing to your blog now-loved this post! hope all is well sweet girl!

    • Barb! I am sorry I missed seeing you this trip. I did get to see Sara and Sami 😉 -they were one of the trip highlights. I hope you and everyone at Hiram are doing well!

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