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Slather me Up


I lot of people here have asked me what my skin care routine is, and how come I do not have dry scaly skin in the winter months. I am OCD about moisturizing and I think there lies the answer

So, here is my winter skincare routine.

Face: in the mornings I wash my face with Clinique face bar, and then I use a gentle exfoliator-either Clinique or Himalya. Then I apply the Clinique No 2 toner for combination skin, and finally I moisturize.

Daily use light scrubs

Daily use light scrubs


At night I wash my face with Neutrogena, tone and finally apply Bio Oil.

Try getting a facial at least once a month, but if like me you get lazy you can easily do one at home. Which is what I usually end up doing: cleanse, exfoliate, steam, pack, and moisturize.

Body: I exfoliate once a week. I am a big fan of Lush Ocean Salt, and Soap & Glory scrubs. But at the moment I am use The Body Shop’ olive body scrub. DSC_0099

During the winter months I also use a body oil in addition to my body butter, and it helps to lock the moisture in. I am currently using Palmer’s body oil, and Soap & Glory body butter.DSC_0105

Hands: Even if I wash my hands 50 times a day, I will moisturize no matter what. I think I got the excessive hand washing habit from my mom. I am currently using Burt’s Bees hand cream at home, and since I ran out of my travel size Soap and Glory hand cream, I carry a mini aloe vera Vaseline tub.DSC_0102

Feet: Come winters, a pet peeve of mine-ok all the time-is cracked dry feet. I see women at weddings all the time dressed to the nines, and wearing heavy jewelry and they are in desperate need of a pedicure. Before I hit the bed, I apply a generous amount of foot cream and wear socks, which really help keep your feet smooth plus they help against the cold. I am currently using Attitude by Amway.

Hair: my hair routine stays the same come winter or summer. I am lucky that my hair is quite easy to deal with. Since I am still feeding, I wanted to stay away from strong products and hence have stopped using my beloved L’oreal Professional shampoo and switched over to Tresemme, and so far I love it.DSC_0100

Personally, I am sucker for yummy scented products, thus my love for Soap and Glory, in addition to the cute packaging, and the fact that it is amazing on my skin.

We would love to know what your skin care mantra is, and do share your wonder skin secrets.